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The STG Grow Pad is a unique growth system that is designed for ease of use and efficiency while fitting right into standard 10/20 grow trays. The STG Grow Pad wets instantaneously, which allows for quicker, more even and consistent yields. You can seed a wide range of plants right on to the pad. The Grow Pad was designed, trialed and approved by over 80 commercial growers in the US, Canada and the Caribbean.
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Suitable for the following crops: Production of microgreens, herbs, sprouts, baby greens, and wheatgrass in standard 10/20 nursery trays.

Designed as an alternative to:

  • Soilless mixes
  • Coir
  • Perlite

Sure To Grow Advantages:

  • Light weight, sterile, clean and hygienic
  • Great aeration and water retention
  • Quick germination; better yields
  • No contamination of harvested product with media residue
  • pH neutral
  • Made to be used right out of the box, no presoak time needed
  • No mess, no clean up, no measuring
  • Can be rewetted
  • Indefinite shelf life
  • The unique characteristics of the STG substrate allows for more product per box, which in turn will cut freight costs per box in half

Product specifications

  • Sold in individual pads: 20-in. L x 9.75-in. W x.35-in D
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