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  Strawberry Nutrient Formulation
Strawberry Nutrient Formulation

Our popular Strawberry Nutrient Formulation is one of the original Evolution Solution hydroponic nutrient formulations which has evolved over the years. During the growth/vegetative phase, Evolution Solution Strawberry delivers all the 14 essential elements your plants require PLUS a proprietary blend of EPA approved ascorbic acid, B vitamin complex, (biotin, pyridoxine, HCL, thiamine hydrochloride, thiamine) IBA, NAA, and antioxidants. Vitamins are necessary co-enzymes used by plants for growth and development. Vitamins are responsible for activating non-active proteins (apoenzyme) involved in the biochemical production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). The production of ATP is necessary as the basic energy plants require for thriving growth.

Evolution Solution Strawberry nutrients are some of the best in the business. This Strawberry formula was designed in concert with New Zealand’s leading agricultural chemist, Grenville Stocker, who was instrumental in the development of recirculating hydroponics in New Zealand. This formula embodies the latest breakthroughs in horticultural science. Designed for growers to push the envelope of plant performance, Strawberry Formula is currently in use by many growers worldwide.

AmHydro nutrients are designed to mix in entirety, see video on mixing 2 part nutrient powders.
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  • Higher crop productivity, health and quality
  • Our periodic analysis ensures continuity and plant health over different seasons
  • Less mineral accumulation which makes it unnecessary to drain and refill your reservoir as frequently, resulting in water and nutrient conservation. This saves you money and increases your productivity.

Custom Nutrient Formulations:

  • Using a laboratory analysis of your source water, we will create a custom nutrient formulation that is designed specifically for your water and specific crop. If you are a grower who is serious about your success, the Custom Nutrient Formulation is your best choice! Your plants will get exactly what they need!

Learn more about the Custom Nutrient Formulation service here.

One 20kg batch of Stock Solution is concentrated enough top make up over 3,100 gallons of Working Solution, at 20 CF (2.0 EC)

36 mls of Part A plus
36 mls of Part B plus
1 Gallon of water equals
1 Gallon of Working Solution at 20 CF (2.0 EC)

Stock Solution - Concentrated solution made after mixing dry minerals with water. This is the mixture you pull from to make your working solution. The 20kg batch fills two 30-gallon buckets, making 60 gallons of stock solution.

Working Solution - The solution in your main reservoir that your plants are using to grow. Water, pH adjuster and stock solution, make up your working solution.

Evolution Solution Strawberry is available in the following sizes:

  • 8 kilograms
  • 20 kilograms

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