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  Heavy Duty Net Pots

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Tired of throwing away wimpy net pots after just one use? Looking for a high quality reusable net pot?  Try our Heavy Duty Net Pots and end the frustration and waste. Designed by American Hydroponics, and manufactured right here in Humboldt County, California, they are designed for optimum root penetration and made from heavy gauge, 50% recycled HDPE polyethylene plastic netting.
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These Heavy Duty Net Pots are reusable indefinitely! Available in three sizes, the Heavy Duty Net Pots are preferred by experienced growers, perfect to use in almost any kind of hydroponic system, including Ebb & Flow and NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) and the small size even fits the AeroFlo™ by General Hydroponics.

  • Excellent breathing characteristics
  • Small size is perfect for AeroFlo™ by General Hydroponics
  • Perfect for Orchids and almost all other types of plants
  • Excellent results with Expanded Clay pellets and loose Rockwool
  • Holes on rim for easy hanging (medium and large only)
  • Easy to clean
  • Constructed of Humboldt County, 50% recycled HDPE polyethylene plastic with brushed satin finish
  • Why use Net Pots?
    Using Net Pots allows the roots to grow through the mesh for better breathing and growth. Orchids especially love Net Pots because they thrive on good air circulation in the root zone, exactly what Net Pots do best.
  • What kind of growing medium do I use?
    You will have the best results when using Expanded Clay or loose Rockwool. Because of its small size, perlite is not recommended. We get excellent results by filling the pots with Expanded Clay as the base and then dropping in a seedling start in a Rockwool or Oasis cube.
  • How do I tell the difference between these and the cheaper pots?
    Easy! Just the difference in weight will tip you off. The Heavy Duty Net Pots bend right back into shape without breaking. Try the 'Squeeze Test' for yourself and you'll find out why others need to be replaced more often.
  • Small: 3 1/8-in (width) x 2 5/8-in (height) (75mm x 69mm)
  • Medium: 5 5/8-in (width) x 4 1/8-in (height) (140mm x 102mm)
  • Large: 8 1/4-in (width) x 5 3/8-in (height) (203mm x 140mm)
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