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  Cucumber Nutrient Formulation
Cucumber Nutrient Formulation

Our two-part Evolution Solution Cucumber formula was formulated by one of the world's top horticultural chemists. Available in two sizes, the Cucumber formula uses the highest quality elements.

AmHydro nutrients are designed to mix in entirety, see video on mixing 2 part nutrient powders.
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Specifically designed for cucumbers, the Evolution Solution Cucumber Nutrient is available in two sizes and works well in most climates.

  • Available in three sizes
  • This is a two-part nutrient
  • Inside the box are labeled, sealed bags of Part A and Part B
  • Simple mixing instructions

One 20kg batch of Stock Solution is concentrated enough top make up over 3,100 gallons of Working Solution, at 20 CF (2.0 EC)

36 mls of Part A plus
36 mls of Part B plus
1 Gallon of water equals
1 Gallon of Working Solution at 20 CF (2.0 EC)

Stock Solution - Concentrated solution made after mixing dry minerals with water. This is the mixture you pull from to make your working solution. The 20kg batch fills two 30-gallon buckets, making 60 gallons of stock solution.

Working Solution - The solution in your main reservoir that your plants are using to grow. Water, pH adjuster and stock solution, make up your working solution.

All Crop-Specific Nutrients are available in the following sizes:

  • 8 kilograms
  • 20 kilograms

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